Homebound and Nostalgia

There’s something magical about a fairground. Starting with the sweet smell of cotton candy and every fried thing you can think of in the air. Not to mention how you absolutely know that you will break your diet and it will be 100% worth it.


A funny thing happens when you visit your old high school fairground almost 6 years after graduating. Nostalgia hits you in the face like you’d expect and you still don’t have a significant other to go on death-trap rides or to spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to win you a gift that you’ll probably never use. However, I’m not bitter, because I have friends! Or at least one friend whom, like me, is just getting into photography and wants to go photo shooting!


Meet Jordy!


Our story starts back in the 7th grade where we met under hazy circumstances but I believe it was a catechism class. We instantly became best friends and proceeded to stay that way for a solid year or two until high school comes in the picture and you go your separate ways but remain “friends.”


When we met up again, it was if time had not gone by and that's the way friendships should be IMO. She is still the same sweet human who loves everything Disney, helping people succeed, loving life, and constantly bettering herself.


If I have learned anything in my time at college or in just adulting, it’s that if you want to link up again with somebody, go do it! Don’t be afraid to just randomly message somebody out of the blue or comment on their facebook photo about a memory you two shared back in the day.


Honestly, I’ve reconnected with lots of people by just not caring if I hadn’t spoken to them in years and simply saying “hi.” Maybe you only meet up once and never again for several years but at least you will reunited and you put yourself out there. Go you!


What to eat


Our small town fair is nothing compared to bigger fairs the like of Del Mar but that’s not to say there weren’t great photos that came out of it! To be honest, I’m still drooling and craving the elote I had!


Elote (corn) both in a cup and on a stick was a clear winner, you can see this photo in my instagram.


Fruit cups were also hands down something I would recommend, the way they’re done here is they slather chile, limon, and salt to make it 5x more delicious than it by itself. Fruit options come in cucumber, watermelon, mango, and a mix of cucumber, pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, and mango.


Jordy ended up buying some homemade jam for a total of $5 plus they let you sample it! Win-win!



What to see


I’m a little biased here because my little brother was performing but def try to see some live music while you’re at it! Grab a meal, sit your tushy down and just take in the sounds of musicians at play. You won’t regret it.


Go see the exhibitions, the handcrafted art, and the student projects! The IV Fair is a lot smaller than most places so it really isn’t impossible to see all of it in a day. I was stunned to see the artwork of some of these kids!


There were high school seniors in woodshop class who were making full on benches! There was a lot of great photography that I saw too. It made me so sad to know that my own high school, CHS, doesn’t have a photography club and that the main reason for that is upfront costs $$$. Hopefully, this can change soon.


Night photography

This was my first time shooting in low light and using a new lens (50mm) and boy was it tough! No matter what I did, I could not get the images to focus and it was very difficult working with only the 50mm. Many times, I wanted a wider shot but couldn’t, however the depth of field was so fantastic that it made up for it, kinda.


In front of the camera


All I gotta say is that posing is so much harder than I expected it to be. I thought it would be fun to get some model-esque/fashion blogger shots since I do want to head in that direction but it proved to be very, very tough. You are honestly your worst critic but practice makes perfect, right?

If anybody has any modeling tips they'd be highly appreciated! 

Let me know what travel moment for you has brought you back to nostalgia :)



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