Back to Basics: From relationships to career


Hello friends!


I promise you that I’ve been doing the challenge however, I highly underestimated the serious task of posting every single day BUUUT that’s what bloggers do right?


Stay with me because I shall go over your steps for day 3, day 4, day 5, and finally day 6!


Day 3 - Magical Relationships


You guessed it! Today is all about appreciating the relationships in your life, specifically those closest to you.


  1. Count your blessings - make a list of 10 things you are grateful for and say thank you after each one

  2. Choose 3 of your closest relationships and collect a photograph of each person

  3. With the photo in front of you, write 5 things you are most grateful for about each person, in your journal or on your computer

  4. Begin each sentence with the magic words, thank you, include their name, and what you’re specifically grateful for

  5. Carry the 3 photographs with you today or put them somewhere you’ll see often. Look at the pics on at least 3 occasions, speak to the person’s face and say thank you and their name. Ex: Thank you Arielsela

  6. Before you go to sleep, take your Magic Rock in one hand and say thank you for the best thing that happened during the day


Day 4 - Magical Health


This is one of my favorites because it really gets you thinking about how much we undervalue the things that our body does for us on a daily basis. Rhonda Byrne starts by explaining how we only think of our health when we lose it. Without our health though, we have nothing!*


This practice requires you to take about 5 minutes and just sit or stand while appreciating your body. Remember to think about why you are grateful, the why is key to feeling gratitude.


Take about a minute for each body part listed below and think about the things you do with them on a daily basis. What if you suddenly were missing an arm/leg/your vision? How would you go about the world then? Be grateful and say thank you for each one!


  1. Your legs and feet

  2. Your arms and hands

  3. Your sense of taste

  4. Your sense of smell

  5. Your sense of touch

  6. Your vision

  7. Your ability to hear

  8. Your brain

  9. Your cells

  10. Your heart


Finally, take a piece of paper or a card and write on it in big bold letters:




On 4 different occasions, when you see these words, read them slowly and feel grateful for the gift of health.


Be sure to start this day with counting your blessings and also ending it with the magic rock - this is always the drill.


Day 5 - Magic Money


Monayyy monaaaay where ya at?!


Do you have problems attracting money? Do you constantly feel as if you can’t go out because you’ll spend money you don’t have? Are you like me and mentally calculate how much everything will be and ask yourself 10x if you really need an item before purchasing?


Whether you answered yes or no, this practice puts the action of being thankful for the everyday things in our life that were bought with cold, hard, cash in the first place.


Start this practice in the morning because you will continue it throughout the day.


Take a few minutes to think back through your childhood before you had any or much money. Recall each memory where money was paid for you then say and feel the magic words, thank you  for each one.

  • Did you always have food to eat?

  • Did you live in a home?

  • Did you receive an education over many years?

  • How did you travel to school each day? Did you have schoolbooks, school lunches, and all the things you needed?

  • Did you go on any vacations when you were a child?

  • What were the most exciting birthday gifts you received when  you were a child?

  • Did you have a bike, toys, or a pet?

  • Did you have clothes as your grew so quickly from one size to the next?

  • Did you go to the movies, play sports, learn a musical instrument, or pursue a hobby?

  • Did you go to the dentist?

  • Did you have the essential items you used every day, like your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo?

  • Did you travel in a car?

  • DId you watch television, make phone calls, use lights, electricity, and water?


Phew! That’s a long list but it really gets you thinking about how much you may have had that you never before realized! As a child, you received all these things at no charge!


To continue with the practice of magic money, take a dollar bill and write on a sticker that you place on a bill:




Take your Magic Dollar Bill with you today and put it in your wallet, your purse, or pocket. At least once in the morning and once in the afternoon, or as many times as you want, take it out and read the written words.


Feel grateful for the abundance of money that has come into your life. The more sincere you are, the faster you will see a miraculous change in your life with circumstances concerning money.


After today, put your Magic Dollar Bill in a place where you will continue to see it every day to remind you of your abundance. From this day forward, also make a promise to yourself that whenever you receive any money, you will be truly grateful for it.


Be sure to do the magic rock practice at night!


Day 6 - Works Like Magic


This one is about your career and current job, try to do it on a day that you are at your work setting. (Note* I have been unemployed during this challenge and instead just tried to emulate what a day at my job would be like)


“When you are grateful for your job, you will automatically give more to your work, and when you give more to your work, you will increase the money and success that is returned to you.”

- The Magic

Today, imagine you have an invisible manager following you around taking notes every time you find something to be grateful for at work. Your job today is to look for as many things as you can!


Have your manager make a note each time you find something you’re grateful for by saying: I’m so grateful for ___, and feel as grateful as you can.


Woohoo! Be sure to start the day with your list of of 10 blessings and end with the magic rock!


That’s it!


Leave a comment down below if you’ve tried any of these challenges yet and what you think :)