Back to Basics - Day 2: The Magic Rock

 PC: Simon Schmitt at

PC: Simon Schmitt at

Here's Day 2!

In case yesterday's post wasn't too clear here is a list of things you must do to prepare for the challenge:

  1. Make a list of your desires in every area of your life, be specific
  2. Every day, starting with day 1, make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for
  3. Every day following, do the magic challenge along with writing down the 10 things

For reference, here is my list for today.

  1. I am 100% grateful for my perfect health which allows me to breathe properly, walk freely, live on my own and be independent, and do everything in life that brings me happiness.

  2. I am truly blessed to have this wonderful job that gives me the freedom to come and go as I please while I get work done that may or may not be crucial/time sensitive. The flexibility is shocking and the self-setting goals is new but I am hopeful that I will be successful at it.

  3. I am thankful to have had the most wonderful weekend full of lovely friends, great experiences, and two great nights in a row, thank you for lovely humans.

  4. I am very thankful to have a job that provides me with a steady income of $15 an hour which allows me to pay for my bills and anything else my little heart desires.

  5. I am so grateful for my car, James, that takes me everywhere that I need to be all day and every day without fail.

  6. I am grateful for my family who provides me with unconditional love (though it isn’t hard to do, I’m a pretty great person) but nonetheless in my loneliest moments I know that I can count on them, always.

  7. I am grateful that my brother got accepted into his dream college, it was a struggle but truly I give thanks for this little ray of hope.

  8. I am grateful for my time in the records yesterday which spurred me to action and gave me newfound hope for achieving my dreams and goals in regards to my blog but also life

  9. I am grateful for the coming of spring because it feels as if there’s new hope and opportunity to achieve and do more.

  10. I am thankful to be able to creatively express myself through the power of writing and I do hope that one day my words can truly touch others <3

Today is all about using the power of the magic rock! 

According to the book, it says to first find a stone or rock, choosing a small size that fits in the palm of your hand and that you can close your fingers around. Choose one that is smooth not sharp, not too weighty, and that overall feels good.

I have had a variety of magical rocks throughout my time and to be honest, this challenge is one of the hardest for me to follow (whoops) but hopefully this time will be different! Let me know how you all do too in the comments below. 

Ok. Once you have found your magic rock, place it by your bedside and tonight, right before sleeping, hold it in the palm of your hand. Now, think carefully through all the good things that happened during the day, and find the best thing that happened that you're grateful for. 

Then say the words, thank you, for the best thing that happened. Return your rock to it's little resting place and you're done! 

The catch here is that you now have to do this for the next 26 days. Right before you go to sleep, think back through the day, and find the best thing that happened that day. Say thank you for that thing. 

Essentially this practice is so that you sleep with good thoughts and when you write your 10 things in the morning, you start the day off with good thoughts! Win-win situation. 

That's it!

*Once again, all credits go to Rhonda Byrne for this is straight out of her book The Magic  all based off The Secret and the law of attraction. 

Catch ya next time!

xo, Oneisha