Love Yourself Like Squidward


That is exactly how my brain feels every time the universe asks me the question,

“Well Oneisha, what exactly are you good at? What are your skills? What do you excel in?”


The hell if I know Universe because BELIEVE ME, if I knew the answer to that one question, I’d be rolling in dough higher than your average christmas tree.

Unfortunately for me and the dozens of other humans around the world who are stuck with this question, society doesn’t deem us important enough until we have actually answered it.

Yes, it’s true, the people out there who are

  1. happy and
  2. wealthy

Are those who can utilize their gifts and talents to help people while simultaneously helping themselves.

Perhaps that view is a little biased because if you are like me, you believe that the most satisfying thing to do is help someone in some way shape or form. Seriously, If we could all find our calling while helping people and NOT having to become a doctors, this world would be in a far better shape than it is now.

Getting back to the point.


How does one find their one true calling in life?


Call me crazy but a little birdie called Mom once told me that the key to great change and instant results happen when you start to love yourself.

Still with me?

Good keep holding on to those socks of yours because if they haven’t been knocked off yet, they just might be in a couple of seconds.

If you see the universe the way I sometimes do, then you believe that people side with one of two ways. There are people who are always feel cold temperature wise and people who are always hot. There are people who like scary movies and those who don’t aka me the scaredy cat (Hi).

So going off this notion, there may be truth in stating that there are people who fully think they are the absolute bomb and those who struggle with giving themselves a single complement. Of course, we all fluctuate and have our good and bad days but you may resonate with one side more than the other.

To get a little personal here, (warning, stop reading now if you don’t like feelings) I tend to fall into the category of not loving myself.

Eeek! That was hard to admit but important because the first step to recovery is always admitting you have a problem. Okay. We are ready to proceed.

If you don’t identify with me aka you are the type of person who possibly maybe:

  • gives yourself high fives every day

  • kisses a mirror every time you see your reflection

  • absolutely knows your best attributes and uses them to your advantage on a daily basis

Then congratulations!

You’ve got what’s known as extremely high self-esteem, your ego may be a bit high, but most importantly you’re rocking your assets and are ahead of the game.

You see, it is crucial for one to know their strengths, the things that make you special, the reason you are able to make friends in the first place. You do have friends right? Maybe you should stop reading…

Just kidding!

Sorry for the bad jokes. Continuing!

To make things simple and serious, recognizing the great potential in myself is actually one of the hardest things to do and maybe you feel the same. I get stomped every time an interviewer asks me, “Tell me about yourself” or “What are your greatest strengths?”

The real answer to those would be,

“I like to sleep a lot and eat every 3 hours. My strengths lie in binge watching 5 seasons of latest Netflix series. By the way I also have a bachelor’s degree. Please hire me.”

Apparently that doesn’t fly so well with recruiters. Back to square one.

All I’m trying to say without boring you (please stay for just two more paragraphs) is that I am finally going to take this “Loving Yourself” ordeal to the next level and become serious about enjoying my presence and body without validation from other humans.

I still need validation from my dogs because their opinions really mean the most. You understand right?

Stay tuned because I plan on making this a series called “How to Love Yourself Challenge” (as if it hasn’t been done before) but hey it’s cool we’re all new here. Join me and maybe you too will one day reach the type of enlightenment where you find yourself trying to grope your reflection because you just find yourself so god damn sexy.

Till next time,



Oneisha Lee