I chopped off all my hair!

Alright, this one is a little long overdue but also perfect timing because I have officially been living life as a short haired curly girl for a little over a month now. That is enough time to have gone through the initial shock but also tried out some hairstyles and essentially tried to understand my new hair.


To be honest, I had no intentions of chopping 12 inches off nor had any idea that it was going to turn out to be this short! Honest.


I’ll start from the beginning and be completely transparent with y’all. I was initially offered to the opportunity to be a hair model by Aaron, my hairstylist, through Instagram. This isn’t the first time I have been offered this opportunity but considering that I had been in a hair rut and was itching for the chance to try something new, I decide, “why not,” and took a chance.


It turned out to be the best decision of my life! I cannot even put into words how incredible this whole opportunity was from the initial consultation to the actual cut. It’s surreal to believe that it all happened but even greater to know that I feel like an entirely new person.


“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

- Coco Chanel


Coco was not wrong. My initial consultation with Aaron was no more than 15 minutes and in that short time he made me feel super comfortable, asked me what I did for a living, and truly took the chance to get to know me. He put me at ease enough to book an appointment two weeks later.


As June 27th rolled around, I could not be more excited for the chance for a change. Downtown San Diego parking at 9am thankfully was not too bad and as I walked in, I was greeted by staff and immediately asked what I wanted to drink (customer service gets an A+ at this place).


Aaron and I quickly recapped what we had spoken about at our consultation and what the plan was for my beautiful head of hair: long enough to keep in a ponytail, shape it to give it more volume and some of that fro effect, as well as give it life because the ends were not-OK.


Take a look at this before video:

Video courtesy of @aaronscottlacy



Throughout the whole process, I was pretty calm and if you ask Aaron there was only one moment when I was actually terrified. At that point he had cut off a majority of my hair and I was getting heavy flashbacks of my 9 year old self with a bob cut and two missing front teeth. Thankfully, we moved past that and once my hair had been washed and styled, there was no way I looked like I did in 2003.


Aaron is one of the most down-to-earth people that I have ever met, during our time together he discussed to me his love for this industry, how he has been in it for over a decade, his beautiful wife and their recent vacation, and how he loves taking the time to book hair models. You could instantly tell that he takes his craft seriously but more importantly that he’s not one of those stylists that only do what they want to do without any regard for you as a person.


To the contrary, he was the exact opposite of what I feared and actually said that he preferred to come to a conclusion on the haircut that both the client and the stylist approved of. You can absolutely tell 100% that he cares more about the cut fitting you and your personality above anything else and I believe that is why I felt so at ease and had an incredible time.


I’m not going to lie, getting my hair to look the way it did the day of the cut has been almost impossible but I also blame the fact that my hair is usually flat and he diffused it as well as dried it out before shaping it. My mother will be bringing my diffuser to me this weekend (HALLELUJAH) and hopefully some hair magic will be happening.


In conclusion, I would recommend Aaron with all of my heart and soul if you want to get your haircut, for both my curly headed friends as well as those with wavy/straight hair textures. He is a magician in all textures.


Additionally, he offered me a special promotion and said that if you mention my name, ONEISHA, when you get your hair cut, you will get $25 off your initial cut. Also, he offers a free 15-minute consultation so you truly have nothing to lose!


Thank you so much to The Factory Hair and Aaron for this amazing opportunity, I look forward to more opportunities with you and maybe even fresh color <3

Here's the after video!

Video courtesy of @aaronscottlacy